You may know me as Dr. Burke from Grey's Anatomy, or Thelonius Jaha from The 100? Or perhaps you're thinking I'm that guy the mainstream media loves to hate? Contrary to any of that, I am much more than just some outspoken Hollywood actor.  

This podcast is where I am reclaiming my narrative from naysayers, and giving you 100% Truthdom!

EPISODE 7 of IWSA Coming 03/21/2018


EP 6: Fighting Male Prostitutes
Released: March 14, 2018 | Produced by: Shaine Freeman

Military Nightmare (cont'd) -- In Episode 5 of the show, Isaiah Washington shared how eating dogs helped him recover after being shot in the Philippines; and how liberating cockatoos was a sign that he was born to be a hero.  In this episode, Isaiah continues his account of those crazy military nightmares he once lived as a United States airman on duty abroad.

1. Educating My Racist Comrades
2. Keeping Secrets With My Enemy
3. Fighting Male Prostitutes

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Isaiah Washington Speaks...Again is a weekly podcast hosted by SAG and NAACP Image Awards winning film and TV star, producer, author, and activist - Isaiah Washington. The show is an honest look into the life and thoughts of one of Hollywood's most respected and outspoken African-American celebrities. On every episode of 'IWSA,' Washington narrates his life like you've never heard it before, offering inspiration and social commentary that will undoubtedly entertain and captivate your heart and mind.
Produced by: Shaine Freeman

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About Isaiah Washington

Isaiah Washington is one of Hollywood's most recognized, respected, and outspoken stars. Perhaps, best known for his portrayals of Dr. Preston Burke on ABC's hit medical drama series "Grey's Anatomy," and Thelonius Jaha on The CW's hit sci-fi series "The 100". Isaiah is also an author and filmmaker who possesses dual citizenship in the United States and Sierra Leone. To learn more about Isaiah click here.


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